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T The last time Brentford played in top flight was the upcoming Queen II. Elizabeth had not yet announced her engagement to Philip Mountbatten; Charlie Chaplin was threatened with expulsion from the United States for arguing that capitalism causes wars; and Derby County were about to make Billy Steel the first £11,500 issue of English football.

Few months later ? Football inflation was already in place for Tommy Lawton of £19,000 when Notts County paid Chelsea £19,000. But someone trying to convince people that Brentford will one day win a game with a prize of at least £). m could be said to have put Burton at ease.

Still, it was the second time Brentford had faced such a showdown in two seasons – and they were victorious in the end.

Swansea is no stranger to the pain of near-goals that lost in the semi-final stage last season, but this experience hasn't made them any smarter. They were hurt so hard at Wembley, fortunately Matt Grimes was the only one of their players who played in the first quarter of an hour and whose nerves made them reckless.

Ivan Toney acted perfectly. on the contrary, it is canny and calculating from start to finish. It wasn't just his marauding instinct but also his broader wisdom that convinced Brentford to sign Ollie Watkins last year before selling him to Aston Villa. Thomas Frank thought his players were too gullible, and Brentford's scouts reported that Toney's skills included the ability to influence teammates and officials without causing offense.

It came as no surprise as the minutes passed at Wembley. Tensions escalated as Toney tricked and signaled his teammates to stay cool, to continue doing what brought them to the edge of victory.

He had already sampled it when giving it. Brentford is the leader. In the eighth minute, Freddie Woodman evaded the yellow card after tackling Bryan Mbeumo, but Toney would never be able to get the keeper out. He has not missed a penalty since his early days at Peterborough in October 2018, while being mocked by brave hearts on social media for saying he believes he will eventually play in the Premier League.

ivan toney celebrates scoring their first goal.
Ivan Toney celebrates scoring his first goal. Photo: Matthew Childs / Action Images / Reuters

By transforming it from the point in his customary style, he brought this dream closer to realizing it: slowly, in the short run- It speaks of a touch of confidence and mischievous cruelty, as if giving the goalkeeper the opportunity to simply score a goal without having to go through the dishonor of diving without any chance of defense. g. Of course no goalie would accept such benevolence, so he did what Toney Woodman did to the others, throwing the ball into the net beyond a proud and pointless dive.

The great thing about the tally method for the season is that if 15 penalties are included, all but three of these finishes involve a single touch. This is a striker who predicts brilliantly and acts with rare efficiency, adjusting his body to finish whatever the serve. No unnecessary touches: he ensures that he is ready to send the ball into the net as soon as it reaches him, bringing to mind Sade's Smooth Operator, who “moves in space with minimum waste and maximum enjoyment.”

This isn't claiming that Toney is just some sort of striker. The forward is a strong – though not particularly muscular – team player in a collective. Swansea knows that Toney is a threat on both ends, as he has driven away many pieces of them. . . . On this occasion, Toney was the trap as Mads Roerslev fed Emiliano Marcondes, a first-time finisher that his teammate would have greatly admired.

Toney almost made it 3-0. 20 yards but it bounced off the crossbar. And 81 minutes one with an unusually weak effort. But by then, Swansea had been ejected after 10 players walked on Jay Fulton Mathias Jensen's heel and fell like that, making it look like they were trying to use their opponent as a sled.

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Brentford may have been a part of the elite for a long time but bijou is a new stadium, smart recruiters, a resourceful team and a striker who will score a lot of goals for them in the Premier League if he is not sold for a big modern fee.

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