Burnley 0-4 Leeds United: Premier League – live!

Burnley 0-4 Leeds United. Live broadcast results of the match.

14: 42

Two-goal Leeds striker Rodrigo tells the BBC:

Nice target, the first one passed the good Jack [Harrison], it was a tight gap but he found a way to take advantage and take the target. We have a great band, good atmosphere on weekdays, the whole season was great for us after being promoted last season. I am very happy for the team and the club and I hope the fans will be proud of us this season.

14: 37

Jack Harrison, one goal scorer, supplier of two, speaks with BT Sport.

My target was a little lucky, but we can be happy as a team. I wanted to direct it to the target. I thought I might be offside. Completed two lessons from [Rodrigo]. At first we found it difficult to play. After that we settled down and played our game. Both players [Rodrigo and Bamford] add so much to the class and team, we played well with both players. We are always ambitious. It's been a good season and we hope to finish strong. Kalvin is a class player. Some of his transitions were excellent. A great addition for us.


14: 25

David, it's over for you.

Dave Hill (@DaveHil 91323632)

@JohnBrewin_ Watching Alioski pout, all I can think is “Guys will do something with this”

May 15, 2021

14: 23

Table: Leeds comfortably on it. Despite their terrible home form, Burnley is also comfortable.

14: 22

Full-time: Burnley 0-4 Leeds United

Four excellent targets are from a team that glows with confidence, and Rodrigo's ca meo finally adds some real shine. Burnley played well at the start of both halves, only being hollowed out. Finally a handshake between Sean Dyche and Marcelo Bielsa. The best team won. Leeds 53 points.

14: 20

90 + 2 min: Tyler Roberts is experiencing surge and is on target when the field opens up. Peacock-Farrell makes the rescue.

14: 19

90 min: Jay Rodriguez's harsh touch when he might have entered the goal. Added three minutes to play.

14: 18

88 min: Rodrigo for the hat-trick? No, it's a nice flank pass and Rodrigo takes a wide shot under heavy pressure from Charlie Taylor. A quick glance from VAR to see if fouls have been committed. He hadn't, but he hadn't touched the ball either. Is he still given a corner even though he knows there is no VAR? Confused? You'll be.

14: 15

87 min: Burnley is still piling on it. There are no errors in their commits, but the defense is not reset.

14: 13

85 min: More Burnleys attack, perhaps the dressing room to stifle the Dyche grunt. For a short time Meslier was fluttering under a high ball. But he finally claimed it.

14: 12

83 min : A chance for Burnley! The ball was nod for Tarkowski, who passed the ball over the bar. Not a good result and reminds of a bad afternoon for Burnley. Then Ashley Barnes approaches. It's too little, too late from Burnley.

2.09 pm BST 14:09

81 min: Leeds sub: Raphina closed, Poveda. It's a good time to come.

14: 09

79 min: Two minutes and seven seconds between those targets. Are Leeds really four goals better than Burnley? It looks tough but the quality really said it.

14: 08

Target! Burnley 0-4 Leeds (Rodrigo, 79 )

Another great target! Kalvin Phillips plays the ball wide, and then Harrison points to Rodrigo, who is again cold, calm, and restrained.

rodrigo bags another one!
Rodrigo bags are another! Photo: Gareth Copley / AP


14: 006

78 min: And Marcelo Bielsa, hat one. This is the quality Leeds can provide. Burnley divided the great game into two and three parts.

14: 05

Target! Burnley 0-3 Leeds (Rodrigo, 77)

Nice target! Such great control from a slide rule from Jack Harrison split Burnley's defense in two, and it's also a nice, calm finish.

rodrigo beats peacock-farrell to make it three for leeds.
Rodrigo beats Peacock-Farrell to make three to Leeds. Photo: Gareth Copley / Reuters


14: 04

76 min: Leeds sub: Tyler Roberts comes to Mateusz Klich.

13: 02

74 min: Gudmundsson forces Meslier to another rescue from long distance, perhaps for the best of him. The young goalkeeper gave an outstanding performance as he has been all season.

14: 01

73 min: The meeting takes place on the sidelines, with a fourth referee and the referee calling both managers to meet. Has something been said? Now Luke Ayling is called. What was this for? Looks like Alioski is making funny faces on the bench and it pissed off Sean Dyche. This will be nice, as the kids say.

13: 59

71 min: And the quiet Dwight McNeil is replaced by Jóhann Berg Gudmundsson. Sean Dyche may be saving his players for the big gal event in Liverpool.

13: 57

68 min: Funny thing is, Dyche takes out the good-looking and menacing Vydra ng. Didn't he want to pitch all four scorers for a laugh? He could play similarly to Ossie Ardiles.

13: 54

066 min: Bogdan Kotarlic contacted. “Football is often very strange: Brighton has played well this season and yet is three points less than Burnley, who played very well in the same period.”

Sean Dyche liked this.

13: 54

65 minutes: Westwood fouled Raphina. There's also an after-touch, but everything has calmed down.

Burnley strike power is coming: Wood and Vydra are popping up and come on Ashley Barnes and Jay Rodriguez.

13: 52

64 min: Westwood has another shot for Burnley from the edge of the zone. Wide and Leeds keep their opponents at arm's length.

13: 51

63 min: Kalvin Phillips is booked for a move at Vydra. This is well deserved. He would let the ball get away from him.

13: 49

61 min: It was a nice destination, but not celebrated by Harrison, which is odd because it was perfect. Maybe he's a secret Burnley fan.

13: 48

Target! Burnley 0-2 Leeds (Harrison, 60)

Although Leeds has advanced against the course of the game . Alioski shoots from the side of the box and expands, but Jack Harrison's improvisation takes him past Peacock-Farrell.

jack harrison celebrates after doubling the lead for leeds.
Jack Harrison is the leader for Leeds celebrating after doubling. Photo: Gareth Copley / Getty Images


1.56 pm BST

13: 45

58 min: Tarkowski arrived to stop a crossing heading towards Bamford. On the other hand, Chris Wood finds space, turns, and shoots wide. Burnley is playing well.

Leeds gives it a shot: Rodrigo comes for Bamford whose chance to impress Gareth Southgate has gone missing this afternoon. He had a quiet day.


13: 44

56 min: Vydra performs well, spins and then plays one-on-one with Meslier, who won this battle with a win. good save. Good game in every way.

13: 42

55 min: Leeds seem content to pass the ball from the back. They were patient, choosing their moment to attack.

1. 41 pm BST at 13:40

53 min: Bamford catches Ben My foot is loose. There is an apology and the game continues. Made of hard material, Ben Mee.

13: 39

51 min: Covered in a woolen hat, Bielsa is back in the bunker. If he sat on the bucket he would get very wet. Burnley caught a corner. This is understandable but eventually comes to Westwood, who is whipped with a right foot but broadly.

13: 37

49 min: A slow start to the half. Leeds may take some time to warm up.

13: 35

47 min: Free kick to Burnley after Ayling on Wood poked. It causes some chaos and Brownhill and Jack Cork are unable to communicate.

13: 34

46 min: It's back on track, and Sean Dyche and Marcelo Bielsa are charting a purposeful path towards the rows of seats. He drops at Burnley. Dyche wore a kagool, although it looked quite expensive, and Bielsa wore a hat.

13: 19

Halftime: Burnley 0-1 Leeds

As for game balance, this is the first score line half deserved. Leeds stood up and Klich's goal was well kept as Burnley made an extremely rare move forward at the timeout. Marcelo Bielsa certainly enjoyed it.


13: 17

45 + 2 min: Foul on Tarkowski Strujk and a Burnley free kick on the left side of the box. Westwood sends him in and Meslier is equal to the task. And that's part time.

13: 16

45 + 1 min: Two minutes added.

13: 14

45 min: Was this target coming? Yes there was. It was a great ending and Burnley paid off to leave Leeds room to step up.

a clinch for klich after he gives leeds the advantage.
A fight is an advantage for Klich after giving Leeds. Photo: Martin Rickett / Reuters


13: 14

Target! Burnley 0-1 Leeds (Klich, 043)

With Taylor, the magic of the Burnley edition comes to the fore again. Llorente was great on defense and clears the stake once again. At the other end, Klich breaks, finds ground, and fires a shot from the side of Peacock-Farrell as Burnley retreats from him. Great goal on the counter.

mateusz klich fires leeds into the lead.

Mateusz Klich fires Leeds into the lead. Photo: Getty Images


13: 12

42 min: It's a good ball for Vydra and he's on the turn but Meslier reads the danger.

13: 10

40 min: The ball is thrown off the pitch by Burnley, to win territory, rugby union style. Right now, they need some kind of pressure release.

13: 09

38 min: Burnley's brilliant start is now a memory. Chris Wood saw very little of the ball. Leeds is approaching again. Bamford goes over the ball and leaves it to Raphina, but a snag forces her into a flying volley. It flies. But Leeds is knocking on the door. Sean Dyche has a Cheshire Cat smile on his face. It could be a sarcastic smile.

13: 06

36 min: Another Leeds corner as pressure builds up. This time was wasted, as Struijk conceded a foul just as he approached the ball.

13: 05

34 min: Taxi for Alioski! Raphina puts the ball on her plate and shoots wide. It's so wide it explodes for one shot. The Bielsa literally kicks the bucket.

13: 04

33 min: Ben Mee stands out as Burnley advances. However, Llorente intervenes to mount an attack on Leeds. They found more of their stream as the game progressed.

13: 02

31 min: Best chance ever! Struijk climbs onto Vydra in the Burnley box and holds his head wide. He could have done better and Bielsa doesn't seem impressed.

pascal struijk out-jumps the burnley defense.
Pascal Struijk jumps more than this rnley defense. Photo: Simon Davies / ProSports / REX / Shutterstock


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