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Celtic CEO & #39; water, thanks fans for support after the arson attack

The general manager of the Celtic football club thanked the fans for their support and well-wishes after he and his family were forced to flee their home in Thorntonhall, south Lanarkshire after an arson attack.

Scottish police were deliberate on the fire, showing CCTV poured accelerators into three vehicles at around 1pm on Wednesday, and then the fire spread to the detached two-story property.

While no injuries, Peter Lawwell's daughter and four-month-old grandson were reported to be in their accommodation above the garage when the fire broke out.

In the club's statement Thursday afternoon, Lawwell said: “This has been a devastating attack on myself and my family, and the effects will remain on all of us for a long time.

“Of course, I was extremely relieved that everyone was safe. I thank my wife and family for their support and strength and courage in such a difficult time.

“Naturally, my family was deeply affected by these events. This is a tough time, but we'll make sure we stay strong and get through it together. "

Lawwell thanked the fire brigade and Police Scotland for their support and professionalism. Celtic board and staff.

He added: “As a family, we've received literally thousands of messages of support from Celtic fans and people from the wider global football family. This has brought us great comfort and we all offer our sincere thanks for the interest and support people have shown. "

Lawwell repeated the police's witness call and asked anyone with knowledge to stand out.

On Wednesday, the police released a description of a slim male suspect who was about 5 feet 10 inches tall. He wore black jogging pants, a hooded black hooded sweater, black sneakers, and a face mask. A silver or gray hatchback car was spotted near the house during the fire.

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