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FA Cup and Women's Champions League finals: football countdown - live!

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Steve bruce He was named Premier League Manager of the Month after two wins and two draws to keep Newcastle safe this month followed by Leicester's 4-2 demolition.

Not so long ago people didn't want him out and Newcastle's presence in the league was seriously in doubt. It's a strong work to resolve these issues and countless injuries to key players before they finish strong from him and his team.


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Here is a good reading from Suzanne Wrack Ch elsea manager Emma hayes Spoke with family and friends to tell the story of the UEFA Women's Champions League final.

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andy hunter

Manchester united and Liverpool It could be scrapped following the protests surrounding the Premier League meeting in Old Trafford.

The two opponents had discussed organizing a friendly game. Pre-season preparations due to lack of international tours and fans returning to the stadium. A second friendly match was also offered at Anfield in August, but was ultimately rejected.

The fixture for July may also be abandoned, but United and Liverpool are about the potential for further protests other than Old Trafford against the worried Glazer family. Their planned Premier League matches were postponed on May 2 when United fans entered Old Trafford and attempts were made to block the Liverpool team coach before the match resumed last night.

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High praise from Marcelo Bielsa on Sean Dyche's Burnley team. Burnley host Leeds on Saturdays at 12:30 pm:

“Burnley is a set with its own style, completely defined and very advanced. Few times have I seen a set with such defined styles. Sure, watching (Manchester) City is more natural than watching Burnley, but not all teams with such heights in terms of football - and Leeds are an example - cannot aspire to create the same beauty. aesthetically as great team. But as far as our possibilities are, maintaining a style and developing and developing it, I think it's something to be deserved and a path to follow. "

Bielsa continued: “Burnley is an example that when things don't go as intended, the basis of the way the team plays should not change, but the function of the team is better to improve the parts that are better. It does not work well. As you know, this 'Plan B' is a constant demand when things are not going well, but what I have observed is that good teams and coaches managing the best teams do not give up style in difficulties, but they fix it, they do better. "

(Via PA)


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3, 3467 fans will be in the stands for a match between Liverpool and Burnley on Wednesday. Sean Dyche is delighted that they haven't won at home since January after Burnley secured his presence in the Premier League with strong away performances:

“What we're missing this year - they're playing a big role at this club - are fans,” Dyche said.

“Apart from my first year here, when I had a lot of clubs, they stood beside me and they stood next to the team and the club and they built a good energy and a good connection that was very, very important.

“This year was very important. It is difficult for them and very difficult for us. "

(Via PA)

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Speaking of undefeated teams, this is exactly what Chelsea will face in Sunday's UEFA Women's Champions League final.

Barcelona's league record is incredible: 26 matches played, 26 wins, 0 draws, 0 losses . Barcelona scored 120 goals and was considered 5. Away records actually scored 51 goals and conceded 1 goal. What some describe primarily as the result of a poor league looks much better on the way to the Champions League final, beating Manchester City and PSG on the road. This will be incredibly difficult for Chelsea.

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Earlier today, Steven Gerrard was surprisingly named Scottish Premiership Manager of the Year while handing over the Rangers their first league title in a decade.

League records: 37 matches played, 31 6 draws and 0 wins, losses. One match away from an unbeatable season.

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Jesse Lingard was named Premier League Player of the Month for April.

He contributed 4 goals and 2 assists as his resurgence continued for West Ham in April.

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Jonathan Liew on Trent Alexander-Arnold:

Few players have embodied Liverpool's troubles. The season is as faithful as Alexander-Arnold. One minute you're a virtual unknown; next, you are one of the hottest football facilities on the planet and perhaps the most famous corner in history; You lost your place in the next England and everyone basically agreed that you cannot defend it. This is a familiar cycle of explosions and declines that many claim to be gifted 22 - a year old in the past. But somehow in the last few weeks, something stirred within him: a courage and resilience that we might expect to see, but not necessarily in such a short time. 1620991021000

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Virgil van Dijk offered some wise words in an excerpt from a book on the art of defense :

“Some people suggest that I make the game look easy, but trust me, every game is very difficult. We play with strikers around the world, very physical strikers, and I never think 'This is easy'. Maybe I want my opponent to think I am. Look at Roger Federer. If you see him playing tennis, you would think he is not sweating. It must be very difficult for his opponent who, mentally, thinks he is not trying.

“Sometimes I think that way. Try to come to the head of the opponent, not by talking to him, not kicking him, but trying to make him think that if he is going to play well today or he is going to score, he should take a step. Yes, you have to be sure of your own talent, otherwise people will walk on you. There are other ways to win games; You don't have to fire or curse people. "

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paul doyle

Dean Smith regularly describes Ollie Watkins as "the best striker in the Premier League," and Aston Villa drew Everton with a 0-0 draw, while the suspended player was definitely kidnapped last night. Instead, Keinan Davis is a different kind of striker, not a dynamic one. Instead, Ross Barkley, who worked just behind the middle forward, did most of the pressure from the front, even forcing Séamus Coleman to watch backwards at one point 30 yards and the game ends to accept a corner. But with the ball Barkley has created little. This was his last match at Villa Park as he was not eligible for the remaining home fixture, against parent club Chelsea on the last day.

Dean Smith praised Barkley's demeanor, but he has no plans to turn his credit into a permanent transfer. “We've never really made a decision,” says Smith. I think it's two years left to Chelsea contract. The deal was always to bring him to the season. We wanted a high caliber player to borrow our quality that we have permanently signed. He started the season like a house on fire and then, with the Covid breakup after his injury, he was probably just as inconsistent as we were as a team. But his future for the next two years is in Chelsea and we haven't had any discussions about it and I think it would be wrong to do so since it's a year loan. “

ross barkley in action against everton on thursday.
Ross Barkley protests against Everton on Thursday. Photo: Lindsey Parnaby / Reuters


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09 things to watch out for here this weekend.

From Nick Ames: “For Leicester, their first cup final win will reveal emotion five years after them. League champions that they are here to stay as a club that can win huge prizes. 2016 has been as impressive as the victory inspired by Claudio Ranieri in many ways. Leicester continues to mock the idea that the "big six" exist anywhere in the inflated egos, and they can prove it once again on Saturday. “


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Departure room from Carla Birmingham

Birmingham Women's head coach Carla Ward announced that she would resign at the end of the season.

This came after a turbulent season in which Ward's team challenged the FA Cup in the semi-final and survived relegation, but also sent a letter criticizing the working conditions. From Louise Taylor's article in April:

The letter alleged that some players earned less than the minimum wage and complained of delays in medical treatment for injured team members, lack of access to the training ground, substandard training grounds, and a lack of pre-match. overnight hotel stays, lack of payment for non-contract players, and poorly changed facilities and travel arrangements before displacement fixtures.

Here is Ward's explanation:

“Last August, when I first got the chance to manage at BFAWSL, I couldn't imagine what next year would be like. It has been a journey and it has been a journey that I am extremely proud of. "

“I was very fortunate to work with a group of players who delivered every day, taught me a lot and was a tribute to the Club and BFAWSL. "

“Goals that guarantee our safety to live with me forever, from our first league win in Reading this year to the FA Cup semi-final and the end. "

“All the great memories made possible by this incredible cast of actors, and ultimately how much we've achieved people said we couldn't do. "


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FootballJOE (@ FootballJOE)

Bruno Fernandes now scores 28 goals in all competitions this season - breaking Frank Lampard's record for the number of goals scored by a Premier League midfielder in a single season 💥

May 14, 2021

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Speaking of Merch Drop FC ...

adidas Football (@ adidasfootball)

The iconic ball returns.

May 14, 2021

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Outside of English clubs, sma is still a La Liga issue to be resolved. With two games left, it works like this:

  1. Atletico Madrid - 80 points (Goal difference: 40)
  2. Real Madrid - 78 points (Goal difference: 37)
  3. Barcelona - 76 points (Goal difference: 47)

All three teams are on Sunday at 17:30 BST. Atletico Madrid will face 11 Osasuna, 9th place Athletic Club host Real Madrid and Barcelona, 8th place Celta Vigo at Camp Nou.


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Hello there! Welcome to today's Friday blog ahead of one of the last weekends of this tiring season.

Of course, there is a lot going on in and out of the Premier League this week. Newcastle will host Manchester City We'll see it at 20:00 tonight, then 12:30 on Saturday Burnley vs Leeds , Southampton vs Fulham and Brighton - West Ham . Sunday's Premier League action Crystal Palace - Aston Villa will begin with and then Tottenham vs Wolves , West Brom vs Liverpool and Everton - Sheffield United .

But the biggest matches of the weekend are two big cup finals. Chelsea will meet with Leicester City , 17: 15 tomorrow FA Cup final , then at 20:00 on Sunday Women's Champions League final Will see Chelsea against a dominant player Barcelona.


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