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Morecambe sank Newport & #39 to climb League One & #39 amid penalty controversy

The past is done. Then 14 League Two seasons at Morecambe finally found their way out, but it wasn't something how many expected. Controversial overtime penalty for Carlos Mendes Gomes, . – the presence of non-league years has risen to third place in English football for the first time.

Perennial relegation struggles, Morecambe lost the end of the Football League when Derek Adams took over. Eighteen months later, and with the department's lowest budget, the miracle was complete.

Adams gained many fans and is linked to Bradford City. He made no assurances that the shrimps would arrive even after their finest hours. Today was all about making history. We did this exceptionally throughout the season. I have a contract with Morecambe and we play for it. The only thing I can say is that no deal has been made. "

The game contained a lot of noise, but little with magic before a rare quality moment led Ryan Haynes to drop backup John O'Sullivan. . Bobby Madley gave a punishment, but how little contact was out of the zone. “Our player stands in front of the defender and is lucky not to be kicked out or penalized,” Adams said defiantly. "It was a clear penalty kick."

The rejected, Newport's manager, Michael Flynn, thought otherwise and also caused the referee to be unable to give his side an early point kick. Mickey Demetriou's long shot saw Morecambe goalkeeper Kyle Letheren fly in to punch the ball clearly. Scott Bennett came first and shook his head, Letheren deliver a blow. It was not sterile, but a different conclusion might have been reached if VAR had been present.

carlos mendes gomes celebrates after scoring from the penalty spot.
Carlos Mendes Gomes celebrates after scoring from the penalty mark. Photo: Richard Heathcote / Getty Images

Flynn kindly congratulated his opponents before taking on decisions that had major implications for his club. “You have to have VAR in these big games. They'll come back on the pretext that we haven't done this all season, so it's unethical. This is a lot of nonsense. There is no game that determines which league you will play in other than the playoff finals. So this is a cop. Two terrible decisions and my heart burned for my players, the club and the fans. "

Newport took possession of the ball, but with Morecambe taking over an hour to register, he could only set the half chances. goal-directed effort. 25-yard shots from Ryan Cooney were driven away by Tom King, Letheren had to cleverly react to Liam Shephard's twisting shot at the other end. Letheren tip the free kick at the time of Ryan Haynes' extra time.

In between came the moment Morecambe fans feared most: Kevin Ellison time. 42-year-old high hour Adams appeared with Morecambe before seeing him as redundant. Ellison, who was on the verge of picking up factory shifts before Flynn offered him a deal, scored when the two sides met in March when his former manager gave a wild celebration on his face. Hollywood script? Well, luck came in overtime, but he couldn't connect with Nicky Maynard's headquarters, his presence enough to keep Joss Labadie from coming after him. Or that's what the captain of Newport would want you to believe after you've somehow lifted six feet. A minute later the decisive target arrived.

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In the past 12 months Morecambe has experienced three tragedies. Defender Christian Mbulu died suddenly on last May 18, and the club has since featured valiant Dickie Danson and 1974 FA Cup winner captain Bob Baldwin. in yourself having retained Football League status by goal difference with a draw at Coventry City, the club will now host Sheffield on Wednesday and Sunderland and Ipswich in August. “If you believe, you will get somewhere,” Adams said.

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