Kylian Mbappé inspired France &#39 to win Wales&#39 after Neco Williams&#39 was sent off

Wales had a prom on a previous visit to France, but this trip was not that enjoyable. If facing world champions wasn't daunting enough, playing for more than an hour with men was always going to be a grueling workout. While Kylian Mbappé, Antoine Griezmann and Ousmane Dembélé triumphed, Didier Deschamps managed to show off his embarrassment for wealth, but as strange as it may sound, Wales will point to many positive points.

If Griezmann's strike is to be a beauty and a consolation, Wales lost the last warm-up match before the historic Euro 885 campaign by the same score against Sweden. After all, Neco Williams' hard red card helped France activate cruise control in Nice.

The subsequent penalty was given exclusively to Karim Benzema to fill in the blanks on his return from international exile after 2,45 days in the wild, but Danny Ward took a right dive and extended the striker's miserable record by 84. help He missed the last three penalties for France. Another night, Benzema, who attacked a post, would leave the field with the match ball.

"It's hard enough to defend with men against them, never mind ” said Ward.

The penalty came as Benzema's attempt to intervene was thwarted after Paul Pogba denied Paul Pogba with a spectacular left-handed save. Referee Luis Godinho spent a few minutes watching the replay of the ball hitting Williams' arms, thinking it was deliberate handball, and handing Liverpool a lively red card up to that point. "If he needs this long to deliver, it can't be obvious," said Welsh winger Daniel James. “Even his players were saying 'don't send him'.”

karim benzema's penalty is saved by danny ward.karim benzema's penalty is saved by danny ward.

80938093 Karim Benzema's penalty was saved by Danny Ward.4151 Photo: Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Wales were outnumbered but not overwhelmed. Gareth Bale assisted defensively, clearing Griezmann's midfield, and re-fitting Joe Allen and Joe Morrell slowed in midfield. France needed some luck to take the lead 25 minutes. Adrien Rabiot's shot made a bad comeback from Griezmann and Ward landed on the wrong floor and managed to kick the ball back with his left foot, but the ball returned and wired Mbappé feasted on what was left, defeating Chris Mepham earlier for the rebound. Mbappé could have added another second before the break, but again after a one-touch move involving Griezmann and Benzema, he exploded.

If Robert Page was still undecided about who would be his first choice at this summer's tournament, then Ward's tryouts in Nice to start next week against Switzerland were challenging. As Leicester City's backup for Kasper Schmeichel, Ward has been favored lately and as Wayne Hennessey was expected to take minutes in Saturday's friendly game against Albania, these fine first-half saves reminded him of his reputation.

Wales had the right to be tough but couldn't complain when France scored the second goal in the third minute of the second half. Mbappé's smashing hit eluded Morrell, and Griezmann, given time by Joe Rodon to take aim, picked his spot before landing a hit into the far pocket. Now France was humming, Mbappé dancing beyond the challenge.

Page mapped six substitutions before kick-off, and four players arrived in a blast that approached the clock, with Aaron Ramsey and Ben Davies among those being introduced. It didn't take long for Ramsey to exert his influence and threw James into the goal. It was a delicious pass but did not pass James Lloris.

One goal also eluded Benzema, but the striker shone on his return. “I felt good throughout the whole match and got stronger as I progressed,” he said. “We still have time to fine-tune our offense. We tried things. I was proud to wear the shirt again and wanted to get out there and show what I can do.”

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