Manchester City president promises to replace Agüero&#39 among Kane connections

Manchester City president Khaldoon Al Mubarak said his club plans to send a message during the transfer window this summer, promising to replace Sergio Aguero this summer.

The city look will have to spend big on reshaping Pep Guardiola's roster and will be a huge void that record goalscorer Agüero needs to fill after his move to Barcelona. Tottenham striker Harry Kane was heavily linked to a move to Etihad Stadium and even chose Kevin De Bruyne as his ideal teammate, while Borussia Dortmund's Erling Haaland was touted as a possible target.

After City's third Premier League title in four years and their first run to the Champions League final - where they lost to Chelsea - Al Mubarak believes it's important to develop his squad.

“You need to constantly add talent to the team, renew, and especially if you are at a high level ball,” he said in an interview with the club's website. “It is not the team to sit back and be happy after winning the league, that is the biggest mistake. Now is the time to send a strong message that there is no satisfaction, that you are not satisfied with just winning the league.

“We are losing a very important legend at Sergio Agüero, it is very difficult to fill but I am confident we will find the right player to fill these shoes. There are other areas in the team that need investment, not so much, it's not about numbers but quality.

“The squad is an outstanding squad, you can't win the Premier go to the League and if you don't have a good squad go to the Champions League final. We will bring quality to the staff in several key positions. ”

Al Mubarak also said that the journey with Guardiola will continue despite Champions League disappointment. Despite City dominating locally under Spain, they still failed to crack the European walnut despite their 1-0 loss against Chelsea.

But Al Mubarak insists on City. Happy with Guardiola. “This partnership has been a great partnership,” he said. “It has the right infrastructure in the right environment, around it. We have the greatest trust and the greatest relationship, and we have accomplished a lot. The journey continues and will continue as long as Pep is happy and we are happy. ”

On the disappointment in Porto, he added: “I am very proud of what this team has. Completed. When you reach a Champions League final – the pinnacle of football, the pinnacle of sport – I think it's an incredible achievement, a remarkable season by any definition.

“But also years of hard work to achieve the level of Consistency, a level of expectation this club has now reached – a club that will compete year after year.

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“You can't win every year, but we'll be there every year. It's about moving forward and regrouping and coming back stronger whenever we have setbacks. No matter how sad we are that we lost the Champions League final, we will return to that final and more importantly, we will always be there with these titles that I promised. ”

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