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Manchester City v Chelsea: Champions League final - live!

20: 44

TARGET! Manchester City 0-1 Chelsea (Havertz 42)

Chelsea pings patiently… then leap forward! Mendy takes the wide left towards Chilwell, which finds Mount in the interior. Mount plays the ball in the left inner channel for the first time. Havertz is chasing after him even though there is a big loophole in City defense! Ederson comes to the edge of the box, but Havertz turns it to the left and rolls into an empty net!

20: 42

40 min: Chilwell is moving deep from the left. Werner tries to cushion the ball in Havertz's path, but the two Chelsea strikers are very close together and a baroque mess emerges. Chelsea attacked well; they couldn't find the last ball.

20: 40

39 min: Poor old Silva cannot go on. Moving on the bench, he gets closer to tears, then he's in trouble, but that doesn't stop him from taking a special shortcut to his replacement, Christensen, and wishes him the best.

19: 39

37 min: City enjoyed 58 percent ownership so far. There are no big surprises here. Chelsea are quite happy to wait for a chance to counter and here they come, grab the ball, Kante hovering up court with options on both sides. He looks for Havertz to the right inland, Zinchenko rallies and blocks. This is a good last resort, but maybe Kante should have used one of his left options instead.

20: 37

36 min: Silva is not happy. It's not his shoulder; a pull in the groin. She feels her Private Space cautious and grimaces quite a bit. It will continue for now, though Chelsea sent Andreas Christensen and Kurt Zouma to warm up just in case.

20: 35

33 min: Gundogan's high hits rise to the ground as Chelsea attacks deeply. VAR looked for a possible red card attack, but only yellow to hit the knee.

20: 34

32 min: Now it's his turn to get some at Chelsea with some sterile stuff in the back, and he escaped the game. After the hustle and bustle of the city action, they need to breathe.

20: 32

31 min: The walker turns on the jets and passes Chilwell on the right. It almost literally sends Chilwell spinning like a hill in its flow. What determination… and what a cross in front of the six-yard box. Mahrez is a few inches from the skate to connect with the toe. It was 1-0 if he hadn't cut his toenails last night.

riyad mahrez of manchester city slides in.
Riyad Mahrez from Manchester City walks in. Photo: Matthew Ashton - AMA / Getty Images


19: 30

29 min: After a slow start, it's safe to say that the City is awakening. They are starting to rejoice in their left wing.

20: 28

27 min: Sterling turns on the burners and tries to get past James outside. He almost succeeds, but James struggles well to fend him off. The city immediately comes back again, De Bruyne threw a pass from the left canal for Foden, who was suddenly released in the box! But just for a moment. Foden tries to cross over Mendy and to the lower right, but his shot is blocked by Rudiger's absurdly good final ditch fight, whose telescopic leg bubbling the ball into the goalkeeper's arms.

manchester city's phil foden is denied by chelsea's antonio rudiger.
Manchester City's Phil Foden was turned down by Chelsea's Antonio Rudiger. Photo: Manu Fernández / Reuters


19: 27

25 min: James curls up. The city is clean, then it gathers in the upper field. Within a few milliseconds, the ball returned to Mendy's feet. For all the open, fun games, no goalkeeper has made any serious savings yet.

19: 26

25 minutes: Chelsea buzz Around and finally disappointed Dias appears and knocks Kante down. Free kick in a dangerous position on the right. They load the box. "I can't stand Thiago Silva," begins Kári Tulinius. “While I have probably watched him play hundreds of matches throughout his long career, his image always comes to mind when he desperately watched as his Brazilian teammates gave a master class in clumsy defense against Germany in the 2014 World Cup semi-finals. I don't think I've stopped pitying him ever since. I hope she gets a gold medal tonight. "

20: 24

23 min: Havertz finds a small gap at the other end and rolls towards the living Chilwell, whose cross is not much. But Chelsea quickly came back, as James passed right, Havertz returned his neck in hopes of returning home. The eyebrows of the stones are cleaned just in time.

20: 21

21 min: Having said that, on the left is a place sent by Sterling for De Bruyne. De Bruyne reached the boundary line and pushed a corner, but went a little early and the flag was raised for offside. “Almost 20 minutes have passed and I think Werner Have you caught offside yet? Nobody saw that this would happen. ”Matt Dony, ladies and gentlemen. He's here all week. Try the francesinha.

kevin de bruyne of manchester city tries to evade reece james of chelsea.
Manchester City's Kevin De Bruyne tries to escape Reece from Chelsea's James. Photo: Susan Vera / EPA


20: 20

19 min: De Bruyne and Sterling converge clearly on the left, but there are very few places for Azpilicueta to be created, and Azpilicueta is coming to an end. Few City struggles to do something in Chelsea's third final have already frowned.

20: 18

17 minutes: Both teams are spiritually pushing. Many misplaced transitions as a result. Still, there are some very good first-time ones, and Chilwell finds Mount on Sol. Werner is almost clearly posted as the channel slides down, but retracts for Chilwell, who has long curved into the far post. Of all the people, Kante makes his head goose bumps. Chelsea were brilliant at these opening changes.

20: 17

15 minutes: Werner could easily score a few goals and here he wins a corner, annoying Stones on the left and flashing to the lower left. The ball was thrown for a corner, out of here… Ederson claims and City is on the run! De Bruyne tries to dribble right into the box but is stopped by Kante. This is wonderfully clear, and both teams continue to do so.


8.15 pm BST 20: 15

14 min: Chelsea comes back to City, knocks the ball on Mount Mahrez, Chilwell attacks the left inner canal. He steps back for Werner who is trying to get to the lower left corner for the first time. Ederson reads and records it.

Timo Werner from Chelsea is shooting a shot. Photo: Carl Recine - Pool / Getty Images


20: 14

12 min: While Werner attacks him from the right, the stones that try to keep his balance are still making mistakes. The city defender does enough to stop Werner's from finding murderous rust, but that is a shaky start for Stones. Werner, that absurd miss, it looked so lively.

20: 12

10 min: Now it's Chelsea's long launch turn. Stones softens his gap by allowing Havertz to slide to the left and retreat for Werner, who must score from six meters but with a fresh air slap. Movement of an unsafe player. The city goes to the other end, responding to Sterling, but the ball inside is whipped by Rudiger. Have fun, this!

chelsea's edouard mendy blocks manchester city's raheem sterling.

Edouard Mendy from Chelsea blocked Raheem Sterling from Manchester City. Photo: David Ramos / Reuters


20: 09

8 minutes: Ederson takes a Mid-Long pass and frees Sterling. It's that simple! Sterling can't bring him down cleanly and lets James out of a corner. If Sterling had taken this step by step against Suarez, in Newcastle style, he had achieved the goal. Easier said than done. Nothing comes from the corner.

raheem sterling (l) of manchester city is foiled by chelsea's goalkeeper edouard mendy.
Manchester City's Raheem Sterling (left) blocked by Chelsea's goalkeeper, Edouard Mendy. Photo: Pierre-Philippe Marcou / EPA


20: 08

7 min: Walker is better than Silva on the right, but the game is withdrawn due to a foul. A slight tug-of-war on the Brazilian defender's shoulder. Silva keeps grimacing in pain, but it's good to have it going right now. It didn't seem like much in that, but here we are.

20 : 06

5 minutes: The start is a bit fussy for City's liking, so they slow it down with some sterile possession in the back. A few early nervous breakdowns are required.

20: 04

4 minutes: More space for Werner ght. Unable to control it properly, Havertz runs aside and retreats, and the ball spews into Ederson's hand. Chelsea will be affected by these two early Werner eruptions.

20: 04

3 minutes: Che lsea assembles and launches the first attacking type of the evening, Werner is heading down the right. Stones close the door.

20: 02

1 min: A slightly tense start from Chels, City is putting a lot of pressure, especially when they play the ball in their backlines in an unconvincing style. They skim through that. Both fan groups give this plenty.

20: 02

City kickoff… but only after the knee is pulled. There is no room for racism. Challenge him. Report it. Change. Throw it out. A wave of booing, but a very louder wave of applause.


19: 01

Here come the teams! Bedlam in Dragao despite limited capacity. A great welcome. City fans are so excited that they don't bother to boo that official Uefa Champions League anthem. Captains Kevin De Bruyne and Cesar Azpilicueta are exchanging flags. Coins were thrown, punches hit. We'll be out in a minute. Temos jogo! “Vamos jogar is better,” says Tim Stappard.

7th 57 pm BST 19: 57

Don't dive into the pre-match mailbox one more time. "What a good day to be a Fulham fan: Brentford in the play-off final and Chelsea in the Champions League final," begins Richard Hirst. “While I'm sorry that Brentford is a division above Fulham, they probably deserve it after all their close misses. My goddaughter and my family are also fans of Brentford, so love gets ahead of local competition. But there is no such exemption for Chelsea - come on City! "

Gary Byrne asks the big question: “Is John Terry at the stadium, the full team ready? "

And here's Tim Daly: “Scott Carson is making his second appearance as a backup goalkeeper in the Champions League final, sixteen years after a famous night. in Istanbul." Good point, that's it. If City wins Carson, 14 - the annual difference between Manchester United's short goalkeeping matches against Benfica by Jimmy Rimmer, 1968, then played the first nine minutes for Aston Villa against Bayern Munich 1971 before releasing his shoulder, young Nigel Spink unexpected hero. If we see third-choice Carson in action tonight, it's going to be a story one way or another.

19: 44

Somewhat thoughtful Pep Guardiola's pre-match thoughts ... “To have a chance to win is a game, you have to attack. Of course you have to defend, we need everyone. I'm sure the second half will be very different from the beginning. Chelsea play five in the back, we need certain players in that area. "

… And relieved, smiling Thomas Tuchel, both talking to BT Sport. “We had the last words but now everything has been said. We have to do it, they know, and it's good that they know, because it's their quality, team effort, that can decide this match on our side. We went for some height, Timo and Kai have good feelings for each other. It's a tough choice to leave Christian Pulisic out but we need it 15 or 16 today to end this game, hopefully in a positive way. I hope we can start stronger but finish stronger. This is a big competitor, a big game in Europe and we are ready for it. "

19: 32

Take a look at the Chelsea dressing room.

The city is the designated host side, but both teams will be able to play in their first match. colors to choose from. As with the Premier League, it was decided that there was no clash between City's sky blue and Chelsea's royal hue.

a quality tassel on that pennant.

a quality tassel on that pennant.
A good quality tassel on this streamer. Photo: Darren Walsh / Chelsea FC / Getty Images

19: 21

Chelsea's technical adviser and protagonist 081 speaks to BT Sport and appears for it. “The last step is usually the hardest. The chances of the game going on penalties are great. I hope the team is sure and ready to win. Manchester City is a tough team to beat. Although you expect it to be a tactical game, it will be a fun game. "

19: 15

Do not dive into the mailbox before the match. We'll go to the match on time tonight, but first thing first. “As an English translator who has been residing in Lisbon for many years, I feel like I have to help translate 'It's on', begins John Elliott, one word in Portuguese and totally relied on Google Translate. "Ligado" is "electrically" means "open" meaning on or off. For your future reference, here is 'Temos jogo!' Of a much better and more idiomatic translation into Portuguese. I think it will. (We have a game!). "

In the meantime, the 1986 Full Members' Cup final rained like a flood in two. "I was there!" Writes Matthew Holt. “Pat Nevin scored about four unplayable crosses for our goals, then in the last five minutes City started scoring and was only stopped by the final whistle. Repeat today, put a few for Werner, the ghost of Wee Pat, to finish! "

Our location is Fife, Angus, and Perth & Kinross reporter Simon McMahon adds: “For that Full Members Cup Final, five Scots on the Chelsea team, of course Pat Nevin, whose autobiography is Johnny Marr, who is The Accidental Footballer, is perfect by the way. Billy McNeill also runs City. Billy Gilmour, the only Scottish representative on Chelsea's bench tonight, can take a medal at the Champions League champion age. I doubt Nevin will change her Full Members gong. "

Johnny Marr is of course a City fan. I am the Weaver.

19: 02

Everyone thought Pep had given up tampering, which hasn't always been successful. There's fun for him in this contest, but a big surprise: a very offensive squad with no holding players. Neither Fernandinho nor Rodri starts out, indicating that Pep expects his side to enjoy the lion. ownership share. This is a bold call because he'll have to ask a few questions if it goes wrong. Ilkay Gundogan is fit after leaving training yesterday, Raheem Sterling is starting, Oleksandr Zinchenko nods with the left wait and if Sergio Aguero is to become the groundbreaking hero again, he will have to come and do it as a sub. . Another 94 minutes winner, anyone?

Chelsea's pick is relatively low. Suitable for playing N'Golo Kante and Edouard Mendy. Ben Chilwell is chosen before Marcos Alonso, while Timo Werner and Kai Havertz are next to Mason Mount.


18: 46


Manchester City: Ed erson, Walker, Dias, Stones, Zinchenko, Gündoğan, De Bruyne, Bernardo, Mahrez, Sterling, Foden.

Subs: Steffen, Carson, Ake, Jesus, Aguero, Laporte, Rodrigo, Torres, Mendy, Fernandinho, Cancelo, Garcia.

Chelsea: Mendy, James, Thiago Silva, Rudiger, Azpilicueta, Kante, Jorginho, Chilwell, Mount, Havertz, Werner.

Subs: Arrizabalaga, Alonso, Christensen, Pulisic, Caballero, Zouma, Kovacic, Giroud, Hudson-Odoi, Ziyech, Gilmour, Emerson Palmieri.

Referee: Antonio Miguel Mateu Lahoz (Valencia).


6.44 pm BST 18: 44

Manchester City and Chelsea have met in two more finals before. The League Cup final, which is remembered in the mind-boggling fight between 2019 City's win on penalties but already only Maurizio Sarri and Kepa, who refuses to leave. But forget about it. The big one is the 1986 Full Members Cup finale, a nine-goal thriller that will never reach the top in the eyes of a given generation. Chelsea and City have come a long way since then, but some things remained gold no matter what.

18: 32

As for the executives themselves… well, we all remember Thomas Tuchel, who sat in the PSG ice box last year, his leg was completely tied together like the farmer in Withnail & I. He immediately returned with Chelsea, becoming the first to bring different clubs to the final in consecutive seasons. Pep Guardiola, by the way, appears as boss in the final for the third time, winning Barcelona in 2009 and 2011. If he scores a hat-trick today, he will be the sixth coach in history to win the European Cup with two different clubs, and Ernst Happel (Feyenoord) so far. 1970, Hamburg 1983), Ottmar Hitzfeld (Borussia Dortmund 1997, Bayern Munich 2001), José Mourinho (Porto 2004, Internazionale 2010), Jupp Heynckes (Real Madrid 1997, Bayern 2013) and Carlo Ancelotti (AC Milan 2003 and 2007, Real Madrid 2014). Appear several times as a player, win 1986 and lose 1994 with Barca and this is highly connected with the most important event in Europe.

18: 22

This virgin territory for almost everyone involved (ie if you ignore their manager). Only one member of each team has played in the Champions League final before and ne ither has particularly happy memories. İlkay Gündoğan came out for Borussia Dortmund 2012, scoring from the penalty spot in the match they lost to Bayern Munich 2-1. Meanwhile, Thiago Silva was the captain of the Paris Saint-Germain team, who lost to the same Bavarian party shit last year. Mateo Kovačić was there for Real Madrid in 2017 and 2018, but is only being looked after as an unused backup.

18: 14

Chelsea fans are also enjoying their big day. Here is someone who colors the top of his head. Given the ITV ident craze that wreaked havoc in Porto, he asked for the LWT strip, it should only be said the artist didn't have orange paint. It doesn't matter: Stamford the Lion will provide plenty of protection against these harmful UV rays, as it was a beautiful, warm and wonderful sunny day in Porto. Perfect conditions for the biggest game on the calendar.

"... and a pint of turps, please."
"… And a glass of radish, please." Photo: Chris Lee - Chelsea FC / Chelsea FC / Getty Images

18: 02

Fans of both teams went up to Super Bock. Here is the best dressed. Apt too. Granada were the actors who played a major role in popularizing the European Cup, and their cameras were ready to convey the abuse of Busby Babes, Old Trafford was just down the road. The half between 1957 United and Real Madrid was the first to be broadcast live on the all-new ITV, but only in the Granada region. The first four minutes were missed; Well, there were still ads to show and the referee was not in the mood to delay the kick-off, a decision that would require standing around in the cold.

an ident that should give you a nice warm coronation street earworm, or, if you're very unlucky, this blood-chilling number.

An identity that should give you a beautiful and warm Coronation Street earworm, or if you're so unlucky, this is a chilling classic. Photo: Miguel Riopa / AFP / Getty Images


15: 08


28 Champions League Finals… Or 65 European Cup finals if we're doing things right, paying attention to history and romance. If everything went well, we were in Istanbul Atatürk for the latest edition of world football's biggest and most glorious club game, but the coronavirus paid for it, and so everyone managed to get to the easier-to-access Estádio do Dragão in Porto. Embarrassing in one way, the other worldly Ataturk would be a suitable place for the collapse of a supernatural season… but one day in the Douro is a complete part of a Plan B!

Manchester City plays in the first European Cup final. The end of a journey they started in 1968, when Malcolm Allison promised that he and Joe Mercer's British champions would talk about Europe ”the old days of Real Madrid… I think most of these Europeans are cowards. “After making a big enough speech, they fell at the first obstacle against Fenerbahçe. The wonderful Lee-Bell-Summerbee side finally brought home some European silverware and the 120 Cup Winners Cup, but that night everyone was watching the FA Cup final live in City's 2-1, BBC1, in a spectacular technical color. Defeating Gornik Zabrze fell into black and white events until late at night. An unfortunate event was always the days when the city came back.

Yet times are changing, and millions will be watching tonight as Magisterial City is finally trying to keep up with Allison's words. The city has scored 59 of 25 Champions League matches. They scored All this without a designated striker! They are the favorites to win their second European trivia and their first European Cup tonight.

Playing in the third European Cup final, Chelsea will have something to say about it. Retirees should have won the trophy in 2007, the moment when only John Terry faced Manchester United to freeze; They lifted it 2012, the clock against Didier Drogba Bayern Munich. Their run to the finals this year was an impressive equivalent of City, and while the new Spanish champions saw Atletico Madrid too unhurried, only the flamboyant finishing prevented them from scoring a cricket score against the famous Real Madrid. If they make it tonight, a few Europa League ( by winning it will be the second European Cup and the sixth largest European cup overall, 2019) and the Cup Winners Trophies (1971, 1998) in the past.

Chelsea have lost three of their last four games this game. A painful defeat in the FA Cup final and a loss at Aston Villa that could cost them the top four. Another reason the city was a favorite, then… Until Pep Guardiola's side was contemplated: a 1-0 win in the FA Cup in the half, and a 2-1 win in the league on Etihad.

So it is easy to create a situation for both sides, this is exactly what it should be before the European Cup final. Team news and various troubles to follow. Kick off at 20:00 (local and BST). Started!


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