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Sad to see Mikel Arteta, David Luiz & #39 leaving Arsenal & #39 at the end of the season

Mikel Arteta feels "saddened" at the prospect of losing David Luiz, who will leave Arsenal at the end of June after two seasons. The 33-year-old player agreed to leave when his contract expired, marking the expected first step for Arsenal's comprehensive renewal of the roster.

Arteta suggested that the decision to leave the company was mutual with David Luiz, who signed a season extension last June and was one of the club's top winners. “We had very clear discussions in the last few months,” said the manager.

“Last year we had already made a big decision when we had to extend his contract in the world of Covid, salary cuts and everything.

“We managed to extend this one more season. He did his best: I tried to help him as best I could, and the club did. After some conversation, we decided that this is the best way to do it now. "

It's been mixed magic since David Luiz joined 73 from Chelsea. Arteta spoke glowingly about the impact that the Brazilian has moved away from the field in the past and believes his presence will be overlooked. “I really enjoyed learning from him,” he said. “He's been so helpful in the team every time and I'm saddened because you're emotionally attached to the players.

“First, the player with whom we need to get the maximum benefit, then that person. When it comes to these stages, it is difficult and painful because this relationship is going to end now, at least not seeing her every day. "

There are doubts about some of the others. senior players. Asked about Willian, who has been linked to a move after a disappointing season since his arrival from Stamford Bridge, Arteta said, "Any player who is signed is very likely to be with us next season.

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He received a similar note about Bernd Leno, who showed no appetite to extend his contract beyond 2023 but recently spoke to the German media. That he is in no hurry to go. “He has two years here and he belongs here,” Arteta said.

Arsenal visited Crystal Palace on Wednesday and wants a win to keep their hopes alive to join Europe, most likely the new Conference League. at least. They are not sure if David Luiz will return from a hamstring injury at Selhurst Park or in the final against Brighton on Sunday, so he may have played his last match for the club.

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