PSG Féminines wins the French league for the first time, ending Lyon&#39's 14 championship streak.

Paris Saint-Germain won France's 1st Division Féminine for the first time, finishing 3-0 in Lyon's consecutive series. In the last game of the season, he defeated the hosts Dijon.

Olivier Echouafni's team were the absolute favorites to complete their title with a victory over their mid-ranked opponents, having achieved a crucial 0-0 draw away from Lyon in the penultimate match. This put PSG, who finished second in the league eight times, one point ahead of their Dijon visit.

Sara Däbritz helped calm the nerves early on and converted an eight o'clock penalty at Stade Jean-Bouin. Lyon led 1-0 in the second half as they tried to put pressure on PSG by scoring home goals against Fleury. Nikita Parris finished the first half of the game with a 3-0 lead and entered the leaderboard.

PSG could have started celebrating right after defender Irene Paredes had doubled the lead and the captain had returned home. from a corner. Substitute Jordyn Huitema has added a third name with a pause time header as PSG wraps up an unbeaten league season.

Lyon beat Fleury 8-0 but it wasn't enough. 2006 will end the season without a trophy, failing to win the French title for the first time since then and relegated to PSG in the quarter-finals of the Women's Champions League.

With Sonia Bompasteur, who replaced Jean-Luc Vasseur as coach in April after leaving the Champions League, the restructuring project in Lyon has already begun.


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