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Real Madrid v Villarreal, Valladolid v Atlético: La Liga championship race final - live!

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And here is the meaning of all this. Elche's goal is terrible news for Valladolid, as Bilbao and Valencia have to score in order to stay.

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Half-time scores

  • Celta Vigo 1-0 Betis
  • Eibar 0-0 Barcelona
  • Elche 1-0 Athletic Bilbao
  • Huesca 0-0 Valencia
  • Osasuna 0-0 Sociedad
  • Real Madrid 0-1 Villarreal
  • Valladolid 1-0 Atletico

    17: 48

    Half Time: Valladolid 1-0 Atletico

    Peep peep! Diego Simeone storms down the road, hurling spit into the distance. Atletico was weak - but so was Real, which means Atletico has a two-goal mat in both games for now.

    17: 46

    Half time: Real Madrid 0-1 Villarreal

    Peep peep!

    17: 46

    45 mins Casemiro is advancing from six yards towards Rulli. The pace of the ball was scarce and under pressure, but it was still a predictable luck.

    17: 46

    45 min We saw a replay of the Valladolid goal. Weissman is on a 49/49 right wing, 12 yards from his own castle. He played this up to Villa, which brought him back to Marcos Andre. He made a nice transition to Plano, who rushed into the void as soon as he got to the Top Villa.

    17: 43

    42 mins Atletico and Real are troublesome. Especially Villarreal looks very dangerous at Valdebebas. The live left-back Pedraza cuts the shot towards Bacca, which was hit by a true defender on his shot.

    17: 38

    38 minutes Kiko yawning takes a vital precaution to stop Suarez sending Carrasco to the castle. Weissman at the other end, 12 yards.

    17: 37

    37 mins There is a surprising lack of despair from both Madrid teams, but I'm sure that will change if the scores stay that way.

    5.35 pm BST 17 : 35

    34 min: Luck for Modric! 09 yards after a lucky recovery in the zone. I think this is Real's first goal attempt.

    17: 33

    TARGET! Celta 1-0 Betis (Aspas 32) So, as with everything else, Villarreal goes up to fifth.

    17: 33

    32 mins Suarez's curling shot deviates Valladolid from Kiko's head. I don't think was coming in. The resulting corner headed for Felipe, which was good fortune despite being under pressure.

    17: 32

    31 mins Villarreal catches almost a second with Pedraza's low cross pinball

    17: 30

    30 minutes Between us, Atleti has been messed up so far. In reality it hasn't been much better, but you know they'll score Sergio Ramos twice in the last two minutes if necessary.

    17: 28

    TARGET! Elche 1-0 Athletic Bilbao (Boye 28) A blow for Valladolid - Lucas Boye put Elche forward, which means Valladolid I need favors in both games. With the situation going, Huesca is now coming down and Elche is standing. In my opinion. I DON'T KNOW THAT THIS IS MY 46 TH HOUR OF THE WEEK AND I ALLOWED IT.


    17: 27

    28 min This was Atleti's first shot on target. They're losing, Real is losing. Nobody said it was easy.

    5.27 pm BST 17 : 27

    27 mins Trippier's cross was headed to the side net on a nearby mission by Yamiq, who got into a real mess. The resulting corner is headed by Gimenez towards Masip (I think). It actually slipped off his shoulder, not that it matters.

    17: 26

    26 mins Valladolid continues to look dangerous on the break. They still come down as everything goes well, but that will change if Huesca surrenders to Valencia at his home.

    17: 23

    Young Yeremi Pino put Villarreal ahead! He controlled Gerard Moreno's short pass away from Odriozola, the last man, and then passed by Courtois indifferently. There was some fortune at the first touch, which wasn't perfect but luckily misguided Odriozola. But the finish was awesome.

    villarreal's yeremi pino (center) celebrates after scoring.
    Villarreal's Yeremi Pino (center) celebrates after the point. Photo: Eduardo Candel / EPA


    17: 19

    The goal came from the Atletico corner. Valladolid broke perfectly and Oscar Plano scored the goal. He was in his own half of the court, which meant he was offside, and his ball ran to the edge of the field before carefully passing Oblak. This is a great finish, at least when he's on his last feet with Gimenez behind him. Simeone shook his finger to say he was offside; was not. One more thing: Plano grew up at Real Madrid.

    oscar plano of real valladolid scores their side's first goal whilst under pressure from jose gimenez of Atletico madrid.
    Real Valladolid's Oscar Plano scored their team's first goal under pressure from Atletico Madrid's Jose Gimenez. Photo: Ángel Martínez / Getty Images

    oscar plano of real valladolid celebrates with team mates after scoring their side's first goal.
    Plano celebrating with his teammates. Photo: Ángel Martínez / Getty Images


    17: 16

    All seven La Liga games are 0-0 . This is very very quiet.

    17: 13

    12 min Saul's head emerging from Trippier's cross was accidentally blocked by Suarez. He might have sneaked in, but Masip probably could've saved him, even if he didn't have much of his pace. Either way, Atletico is starting to take control of the game. It's still 0-0 in Madrid too, but I'm not quite sure what's going on in this game because God only gave me two eyes.

    17: 12

    11 min “I saw a photo of Simone - she went for the Eraser Head hairstyle from the classic David Lynch movie,” says Charles Antaki. "A thoughtful, aggressive but hugely successful enigma - the movie wasn't bad either."


    17: 10

    10 min At the other end, the Villa runs inside and the gardens are held in full tension by 20 Oblak. It has made your look easier than it actually is.

    17: 09

    9 min: Luck for Suarez! Carrasco bumping into Suarez, who retracted a volley over the six-yard box, from the left folds in the area. I think it was going towards the target even though the angle was very narrow.

    16: 07

    Valladolid 0-0 Atletico Out of this half chance for Suarez, Atletico has yet to go to Valladolid. . We have seven minutes.

    17: 05

    Real Madrid 0-0 Villarreal Nothing much to report so far. You're welcome.

    16: 01

    Valladolid 0-0 Atletico Then 40 seconds, Suarez rumbles gh and he has a shot blocked by Yamiq. Then the flag rose, but it looked pretty close, and would have been revised if he scored.

    17: 00

    Look back! Atletico are on the way… and now, 19 seconds or more, so is the Truth.


    16: 55

    Five minutes to kick off . Not tomorrow: Either Atletico will win 10 league titles or Real will 35 th.

    16: 52

    "Hola Roberto" says Peter Oh. How come Barry Glendenning and Jonathan Wilson don't make a joint MBM in the Sunderland-Lincoln City League One promotion playoff semi-final second leg? As for La Liga, I want to see the championship hopes of the Yellow Submarine torpedo Real Madrid. "

    I think they're doing a live vlog. Here Baz Lincoln reacts to his target.

    16: 46

    If Atletico succeed 16 seasons where La Liga was not won by Real or Barcelona and will strengthen Diego Simeone's already important legend. In 2014, when Atletico won the championship on the last day of Camp Nou after producing one of the top five, football's minute spells we've ever seen.

    4.22 pm BST 0015: 22

    Spanish Football Podcast (@ tsf_podcast)

    Atleti fans gather outside Estadio José Zorrilla in Valladolid to be as close as possible. they can do what they hope will win the first championship in seven years #tsfpAtTheGames

    May 22, 2021

    atlético madrid fans have traveled to valladolid in numbers to be near their team if they win the title.
    Photo: Joaquin Rivas / EPA


    16: 19

    Permutations of a reminder

    • Atletico will be the champion if he wins or Real failure to win
    • If the truth wins, it becomes the champion and Atletico can't beat Valladolid
    • We stay awake if they win with Valladolid Huesca loses to Valencia at home and Elche fails to win over Athletic Bilbao at home
    • League to qualify for Villarreal Europe If they improve Real Betis' result in Celta Vigo or if he wins and Real Sociedad does not win at Osasuna. But if they win the Europa League final, they'll be in the Champions League next year.

    I get angry with myself if I don't get at least one of the above wrong.

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    Real Madrid - Villarreal team news

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    Sid Lowe's preview

    If that doesn't get you in the mood, nothing will happen.


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    Valladolid - Atletico team news


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