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The Fiver | One last look at 10,000 unlucky Spurs supporters?


Gary Neville is now bringing so much activity into his life that the Fiver can't help but wonders if he's tilt his head on a pillow, as he rises every morning before his embarrassing Twitter followers on Social Media “attack the day”. Neville, a man with more pies than the person tasked with testing pie caps at Pukka, plays multiple roles as an expert, property boss, hotelier, hands-on football club co-owner, and general trying to save the game. One of the greedy, self-seeking billionaires that he wants to be removed from the British game… Unless he owns a stake in Salford City or has the overpriced sports subscription service he regularly appears to.

However, Neville was not fulfilled as much as he was busy, and he decided to plunge into the lucrative chat industry. And right after his intriguing and often touching interview with his former boss, Lord Ferg, he released a five-minute tasting of his warm, good walk with Tottenham striker Harry Kane, who was last seen when he stretched his hand in a misty and sad way. Unlucky backers paying up to £ 60,000 a head for the privilege of booing him and his teammates after they lost 60 to Aston Villa.

In an interview with Kane, published with Neville's new YouTube channel The Overlap, the Parky of the Snaptok generation stri stands out. On a turf pitch, golf clubs in hand, they discuss Kane's hopes, dreams, and ambitions. “It's a moment when I need to see where I am in my career and see where I am and have a good and honest conversation with the president,” he said in a conversation before publicizing his desire to leave. Spurs. I hope we can have this conversation. I'm sure he will want to make a plan of where he sees him, but ultimately it depends on me and how I feel and what is best for me and my career right now. "

In an ideal world, ultimately to Kane and how he feels, etc. The affiliate stayed three years on the contract he signed with Spurs, if he hadn't been small. “I'm not sure how this conversation will go if I'm being honest,” Kane explained, despite using the pathetic bleak facial expression of a man who knows exactly how to go. The laughter that the interrogator answered said everything.


“My goalkeeping teammates wrote to me, I asked some things, I trained with the goalkeeping coach and gave me advice. I got a little lost with all the adrenaline I had and I always used the penalty point as a reference ”- veteran midfielder Enzo Pérez, as River Plate, managed to beat Santa Fe with 20 players out and without subscribers in his first match among the sticks the Copa Libertadores.

yes, enzo!
Yes, Enzo! Photo: Juan Ignacio Roncoroni / Reuters


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“I think most Sunday League players will feel a special kinship with River Plate. Only 11 players got a midfielder into goal and went for it? It doesn't usually result in a victory in South America's premier club competition ”- Jim Hearson.

“Once in a while [Snip - Fiver Bad Word Ed] was the season Covid, € $ £ and Big Cup finalists. But I read that Raúl Jiménez will play next season. I don't know why but that made me wildly happy (nothing to do with the Tin I drank). I am a Liverpool fan but I will cheer your every touch. Come next season ”- Gareth Aherne.

“Re: Harry Kane Transfer Saga ™ (Five pass). Try this from the Caine Rebellion: 'You can't understand until you take command. The loneliest, most oppressive job in the world. If you're not an ox, it's a nightmare. You are forever on the road of right decisions and good luck, tortuous between gloomy possible mistakes. "Good luck then" - Malcolm Foley.

“Like many Jungle fans, I would describe the last season as forgettable. In this spirit, I am glad to see The Fiver and Scottish FA website helped this by sending Scott McKenna back to Aberdeen in the Euro squad announcement (Yesterday's News, Bits and Bobs). As long as we can get it back in August ”- Andy Taylor.

Send your letters to [email protected] And you can always tweet The Fiver via @guardian_sport. Today's winner of the premise letter of the day… Malcolm Foley.


Chris Chilton, Hull City's record scorer diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia in 1999, aged 77.

chris chilton pictured in 1970.
Chris Chilton official 1970. Photo: Colorsport / Rex / Shutterstock

Manchester City's Rúben Dias named football writers male player became the first defender to win the award since Steve Nicol 1989.

In a story that felt good for our time, it looks like Liverpool will join Chelsea, Manchester United and Manchester City in the Big Cup next season after their 3-0 win over Burnley surpassed Leicester. Jürgen Klopp said, "It's crazy we got this close, but we haven't finished yet."

West Ham, Arsenal and Everton are still fighting for Big Vase stains after winning Wednesday.

Sam Allardyce will not join West Brom in the Championship. “Several times I tried to leave him alone and said I was retired… I'm not saying this because I can't say this this time,” he said. "I keep making a fool of myself by going back."

Sunderland looks at his face in another League One season after losing Lincoln 2-0 at Lincoln. play-off debut matches. "I really believe we can still do it," shouted Black Cats boss Lee Johnson. "We should have a big, big night on Saturday."

And Eni Aluko has been appointed as the sporting director alongside the new Los Angeles-based Angel. City FC. “I'm excited to be joining a fantastic female-led ownership group, many of whom I admire and inspire from a young age,” she applauded.


“Sounds 80,000”: How it feels for fans to return to Premier League grounds.

back in the game.
Go back to the game. Composite: PA; EPA; Getty Images

European war: how to decide the locations of the Premier League.

A Coppa Italia winner with Enrico Chiesa and Parma 1999, Gigi Buffon repeated this trick with Federico and Juve 22 years later. There's more to Nicky Bandini.

Brentford is desperate to avoid being "almost a team," as Ben Fisher explains.

This week's Classic YouTube: Women's FA Cup classics and Agüero memorabilia.

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