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The Fiver | A tip for a fedora hat to James Ward-Prowse and Pierre-Emile Højbjerg & #39

west ham fans try to spot their big vase heroes somewhere in the distance.

West Ham fans are trying to see the Big Vase heroes somewhere far away. Photo: James Griffiths / West Ham United / Shutterstock

Try West Ham fans to see the Big Vase heroes somewhere in the distance. Photo: James Griffiths / West Ham United / Shutterstock

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Then the 380 matches the Premier League season that he thinks may never end. It has been contested by at least 154 Crystal Palace and Burnley, at a time when most normal people watch Pointless or Home and Away, wonder what to eat for dinner, and maybe a little too early to open a bottle. Fiver has long held that it is not too early to open the cork of a bottle and there is a better reason to be needed than to fry the efforts of Crystal Palace, Burnley, and all the other teams whipping in most teams. an inch of their life for our fun.

Yes, they are all very spoiled, generously paying off, and although they are much easier than most during the pandemic, footballers also love to watch Pointless, and their frequent heroic endeavors should not be underestimated in such a boring period of uncertainty. A tip for a fedora to James Ward-Prowse from Southampton and Pierre-Emile Højbjerg from Tottenham, the only two outfielder who participated in all three, 419 minutes of their respective teams' top flight campaigns (plus additional time). On the contrary, relatively idle Tomas Soucek could only manage a paltry 3, for 419 West Ham.

Manchester City treasured champions, their looming dangerous spells do less damage to their championship-winning chances than their pre-season crush have endured Chelsea and Liverpool's mid-season woes. Beyond a 6-1 steal at the hands of the now-departed José Mourinho's freelance Tottenham Globetrotters, Manchester United were arguably a model of consistency, but not well enough to benefit from their rivals' various collapses. Consistent only with their infuriating annual inconsistency, Everton managed to stay in the Big Cup qualification call until as recently as last month, before polluting the bulk bed and finishing th.

Fulham was also proud that he cheated after a shocking start, but was too short-lived, emotional interviews of his managers after the match provided enough material to Mike Skinner of The Streets 12-album joint box set. The Cottagers went downstairs with best wishes alongside Fireman Sam and the West Brom side, which proved to be a truly car-free fire for a Sheffield United team. And as if all that weren't enough to distract, we had a break-up that was quickly interrupted, a few fan power demonstrations, and a racist battle that seemingly continued as much as it was unwinnable to fight.

He eventually became the weird Mary Celeste of several seasons living, playing, even though the ruthlessness of the program and the volume of televised games made it surprisingly difficult to remember certain events, it will be forgotten when coached with it. 79


“I don't think it will sink completely because I think the impossible is possible without going crazy. It shouldn't be that simple. Hornchurch should not win the FA Trophy. It's ridiculous for the level we're playing. I told the actors [Stuart Pearce] to take something from what they told you, and he said a movie should be made about what we are doing ”- Hornchurch boss Mark Stimson steps into Hollywood after winning the seventh tier Wembley Hereford.

and what a good looking trophy it is.
And what a beautiful mug this is. Photo: Zac Goodwin / PA


Football Weekly Liv tickets are now available in Euro Not 2020 special preview 10 June. Take it while it's hot.


“In those Fans' Decisions it was interesting to see that Arsenal fans thought the team 'cannot hold on to the leaders, lacked leadership on the pitch and the passion to win', they needed a defensive coach, a dominating defender. , someone to guard the back four (Nigel de Jong), a midfielder and a prolific striker … years ago” – Noble Francis.

“Do you have any reader suggestions for the European Conference? What will happen from Big Cup to Big Vase to Big ??? I'll start with the Big Paperweight ”- Mark Bennett.

"Bearing in mind that his sole and noble goal seems to be to bring victory to the immeasurable might of Moldova and continental blessings to the Tallinn titans, can't we just call it EuroVasion?" - Neil Dobson.

“Re: referee misfortunes (Fiver letters passim): a small change in a theme. In 1984 I was in charge of a large London comprehensive department. I imagined myself as a good stopper, and the 12-year-old student striker who was in Arsenal's books had no fear for me when Asa played the starting 11. It bothered me and his family and others on the touchline loved him. In the second half, he scolded one of his teammates and called him a fool [effing]. I sent him for his bad tongue. Nobody objected for disbelief and we won 2-1. The referee was a junior member of my department. Those were the days ”- Andrew Parker.

Send your letters to [email protected] And you can always tweet The Fiver via @guardian_sport. Today is the winner of our first day letter… Andrew Parker.


Max Rushden and his pod team wrapped up the season at Football Weekly - watch Max and Barry Glendenning's review of the season in this video.


Don Sergio Ramos has been removed from Spain's Euro Note squad 2020.

Tommy T is confident that Édouard Mendy will recover in time for the Big Cup final.

Kalvin Phillips looks suspicious for Euro jamboree A fresh shoulder-gut fit on Nick Pope's knee-kick slammed him out of the England team.

Wolves kicked a supporter from Molineux for racistically harassing IT Sport specialist Rio Ferdinand. "We're so sorry Rio," the club read the tweet. "This person does not represent our club, our supporters, or our values."

Gini Wijlnaldum is preparing to leave Liverpool. Jürgen Klopp said, “This is very emotional to me because I lost a friend and I will miss him,” Jürgen Klopp said.

And in the Eastlands, where Manchester City paid tribute to the departed Sergio Agüerooooooooooooo, tears of hot salty sadness also shed. “He's a special person,” Pep cried. "He is very good."


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album cover vibes in bremen.
Album cover vibes in Bremen. Photo: Focke Strangmann / EPA

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