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Tottenham v Wolves: Live stream of match results.

15: 31

70 min And now Alli, 25 yards.

15: 030

69 min Son's right corner next to the inscription next to Tanganga.

15: 30

69 min A change for the Spurs: Harry Winks replaces Lo Celso.

15: 28

67 min The wolves have been revived since it fell 2-0. Fabio Silva, currently playing on the left, cuts in and takes a deflected shot from behind to take a corner.

15: 28

66 min A Wolf attacker beyond reproach today, Traore menacingly zips between Dier and Hojbjerg in the area, but then drags a left-footed shot of the near pole.

15: 27

63 min: Fabio Silva misses his babysitter! The wolves must return. Gibbs-White plays a neat give and take with Traore on the right, takes the field and picks Fabio Silva from the penalty spot. He tries to get a side stand into the lower left corner for the first time, but he shoots poorly and the ball dribbles well.

15: 25

63 min The Wolves are making a change – Vitinha is off, Willian Jose

15: 24

Alli made a pass to Reguilon on the center line, on the left . His touch was weak, but then he slipped before cutting the ball back into Son at the edge of the field to snatch it from Hoever. He carried it to Bale, pushed for the first time by Patricio, and Hojbjerg followed the score. There were two faults in this – stand on the touchline (think Beckham v Brazil in this 2002) and then Patricio who should have pushed the ball to the left instead of throwing it back in front of the goal.

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15: 023

TARGET! Tottenham 2-0 Wolves (Hojbjerg 61)

The moment of the faithful water bearer is in the sun!

pierre-emile hojbjerg doubles tottenham's lead.
Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg doubled Tottenham's lead. Photo: Getty Images


15: 22

61 min “If Foderoy thinks 78 Kane is going to move abroad, he's dreaming,” says Rick Harris. “When you look at the PL clubs that need him and are likely to reward him with winning medals, Chelsea, United and Liverpool come to mind. It doesn't look like Manchester City will be buying anyone this summer given their already inflated roster of talent. ”

I'm not sure he'll be leaving this summer. maybe outside of PSG. 2021.

15: 21

60 min The Wolves are not doing well today but we must not forget that they lacked three of their best players in Daniel Podence, Pedro Neto and Raul Jimenez. The season has been a downturn since Jimenez' terrible injury.

15: 18

57 min “Don't talk too much about how our defense was a problem despite being the third most brutal in the league,” says Toby Thatcher. “Let's talk a little bit about how our offensive strategy is best summed up: 'Take the ball, wait until it's pressed, panic, pass backwards + hopefully the opposition makes a mistake or we're in luck 50/50 & hopefully Kane is there to capitalize on it'. ”

I understand what you mean, but I still think the new manager will take a chance with this collection. attacking players. A renewed Alli makes a difference.

15: 17

56 min Spurs are all over the Wolves like a cheap cliché. Conor Coady has already done almost 15 permits.

15: 16

55 min Bale's crazy back wheel finds Kane, who takes a low shot towards goal. yard. Patricio makes a comfortable save this time.

15: 16

54 min: Kane and Alli hit the pole! I never. This should have been a second goal for the Spurs. Alli stole the ball from Moutinho in midfield, advanced and gave Kane a stylish pass. His first shot was pushed to the task by Patricio, who had a pretty outstanding save to his right. The ball was returned to Alli, who took a low kick from the other post. This was a great game on the backlog from Alli, who waited a year until the right transition showed up.

dele alli hits the post!
Dele Alli is on duty! Photo: Andrew Couldridge / AFP / Getty Images


15: 14

53 min The corner causes some confusion in the Wolves area before Patricio lands the ball off Alli's toes.

15: 13

51 min Lo Celso takes a nice pass to his left for Reguilon, who rushes into the area and smashes a rising driver pushed by Patricio. It was a comfortable recovery in the end and Reguilon should probably have done better.

3. 12 pm BST 15:12

50 min: Saiss misses a good chance! A Wolves free kick i Only half cleared, Vitinha takes possession from the left. He makes a perfect crossover for the first time at the far outpost, where Saiss passes between Kane and Alderweireld, but heads eight meters toward Lloris. He must have misunderstood the title as it literally leaped into Lloris's arms.

3. 09 pm BST 15:09

48 min “I disagree with Mary Waltz,” says Foderoy 78. “Kane can go anywhere … abroad. All goodwill will vanish if he goes to United. ”

Really? This surprised me a little. I thought it would be anywhere but London.

15 : 08

46 min Traore's cross was cleared by Lo Celso, who was missing and following Fabio Silva. Silva fell in agony, but I don't think anyone has objected to a sentence.

Ah. Photo: Jack Thomas – WWFC / WWFC / Getty Images


15: 06

46 min Take a peek! The Wolves start the second half.

14: 55

“Where will Kane land?” Mary Waltz says. "I have no idea. But I am sure of it. He has rightfully earned the right to go wherever he wants. He's endured the Spurs mess for too long, played hurt and is simply a stunning football player. It deserves a trophy raise and I doubt that will happen with the Spurs. ”

What happened to Gary Cooper? He's there Tony, ahead for Tottenham Hotspur!


14: 54

Halftime: 1-0 Spurs the wolves

Harry Kane's goal gives the Spurs a well-deserved lead at halftime. They started slow but became increasingly dominant as the half progressed and could have advanced earlier, but for good defense from Conor Coady. Kane, who hit the early pole from afar, finished the circuit masterfully.

harry kane scores. of course he does.
Harry Kane goals. Of course he does. Photo: Simon Dael / BPI / REX / Shutterstock


14: 52

TARGET GRANTED! Hojbjerg strikes a stunning long pass between Saiss and Coady to find Kane, played offside by right-back Hoever. He moved onto the field, tricked Coady and Patricio, who slipped, in one move, and got the ball into the empty net. This is an ingenious result.


14: 50

TARGET! 1-0 Wolves (Kane 44)

Harry Kane leads the Spurs, if the VAR allows.

goal for tottenham!
Goal for Tottenham! Photo: Andrew Couldridge / AFP / Getty Images


14: 48

43 min: Coady clears the line – twice! Right corner of Lo Celso being blown up by Coady at the nearby outpost. Kane beats Patricio, who thinks he has been fouled, with the ball, and advances from a few meters towards the goal. Coady blocks him and does the same a few seconds later when Lo Celso's cross threatens to break in.

14: 48

43 min The cross of Tanganga was left behind by Coady, who received a number of important clearances.

14: 46

41 min Bale skin on the right surrounds Semedo, reaches the sideline and cuts the ball towards Alli on the close post. He was only hit by the mover Saiss, he had to get that right or there would have been a penalty.

14: 44

38 min: Good save from Rui Patricio! A clever caption from Kane finds End in a space to the left of the field. He pushes the ball away from Coady and breaks a left-footed shot pushed by Patricio on the close post. The ball bounces off Dendoncker and returns to Patricio's loving embrace. This could have been Dendoncker's own target.


14: 39

35 min. Moutinho plays a good ball for Semedo in full-back. close post.

14: 38

34 min After a light push from Alli Coady's back, he goes to the area. Objecting to the sentence; no one else does and the game continues.


14: 38

33 min. Nice masterful touch as Saiss was lucky not to foul on Alli who beat him.

14: 37

30 min “It's very clear yesterday against Leicester that Chelsea were screaming for the best striker and while I can see the Werner plus cash offer for Dortmund's Haaland, surely Harry Kane will more than make up for that bill? ” says Rick Harris. “Kane won't win anything if he stays with the Spurs, and I doubt Spurs fans will blame him for leaving, as the club has shown that loyalty is not something they value when offered the ESL slot.”

If he goes to Chelsea they will! I personally can't see him joining any other London club. It may never leave; I guess it depends on who they appoint as manager, what Kane thinks of them and their playstyle.

2. 34 pm BST 14:34

29 min Traore heads a ball away from Alli and storms the middle of the court. Runs, the one who hits just the width of the far post. It was good luck and another amazing run from Traore.

Fabio Silva has a distant run. Photo: Getty Images


14: 32

27 min Good game from Alli. It rains nutmeg on Dendoncker on the right, then pulls away from Semedo near the sideline, forcing a cross towards the near post where Coady is kneeling behind him. The referee gives a goalkeeper but that was definitely Coady's touch.


14: 30

25 min I was expecting more intensity at the Spurs game, partly because they needed to win and partly as a response to their poor performance in Leeds last week. Balya, who seemed quite active, was well blocked by Saiss after running from the edge of the penalty area.


14: 28

23 min Free kick 35 yards to Spurs. Bale clips him from the top to Kane, whose shot expands into the near post on the turn. This was extremely difficult luck as he was escaping the castle and when he came outside he had to do it at half volleyball.

14: 26

20 min Bale takes a clean hit in the free kick but is not in the corner and Rui Patricio keeps it comfortable as he drops to his right.

it comes to nought for spurs.
It sounds futile for the Spurs. Photo: Adrian Dennis / EPA
Gareth Bale goes into free kick mode. Photo: Andrew Couldridge / EPA


14: 26

21 min Saiss stupidly fouled Lo Celso 25 yards away. Ballet and Kane is over.


14: 25

20 min Lo Celso's corner goes by Coady in a recent post.

14: 24

19 min Lo Celso's long-range shot hits Saiss on the head and flips over the bar.

14: 22

17 min Lo Celso makes an excellent pass from the left to the End. He tries to find Kane in the area, but his cross is thoroughly blocked by Hoever.

14: 19

14 min A silent spell with nothing to report.

14: 16

10 min Traore moves to another attack from midfield and Alli. This could have been a yellow card, but it wasn't.

adama traore runs at the tottenham defense.
Adama Traore runs in the Tottenham defence. Photo: Jack Thomas / WWFC / Getty Images


2. 14 pm BST 14:14

8 minutes Traore makes a Wolves break, attacking 60 before making a pass to Fabio Silva on the right side of the box. His relatively tame kick takes a detour and stays behind for a corner. Moutinho rocks him and Lloris claims on the second try.

lloris picks up the loose ball.

Lloris takes the loose ball. Photo: Adrian Dennis / Reuters


2. 13 pm BST 14:13

7 minutes Fabio Silva sprints into a long ball down the inside left canal, thwarting a furry challenge from Dier and working with Hugo Lloris from a very narrow angle. He never had a chance to score from there, and it was an easy save for Lloris, but at least it was a goal-scoring shot.

14: 11

6 min This was a very good effort from Kane, a simple spin and an instant hit. He is truly an amazing player.

pierre-emile hojbjerg doubles tottenham's lead. harry kane goes close for spurs.
Harry Kane approaches for the Spurs. Photo: Sam Bagnall – AMA / Getty Images


14: 10

5 min: Kane is coming to the pole! Hojbjerg makes a short pass to Kane, 24 yards unmarked. He makes a terrific shot and drags, which beats Patricio and leaps to hit the far post.

14: 08

3 minutes Ballet moves away from Gibbs-White for his first run, but his cross moves away.

14: 05

1 min. Take a peek! Spurs kicks off on a beautiful afternoon in North London. They are white in color; The Wolves are wearing the Portuguese jersey.

one . 58 p.m. BST at 13:58

The first game of the day was a cracker – Saray 3-2 Villa

13: 11

Formed teams

Tottenham Hotspur (4-2-3-1) Lloris; Tanganga, Alderweireld, Dier, Reguilon; Lo Celso, Hojbjerg; Bale, Alli, Son; Kane.

Changes: Hart, Doherty, Sanchez, Winks, Ndombele, Sissoko, Lamela, Bergwijn, Lucas Moura.

Wolverhampton Wanderers (4-2-3-1) Patricia; Hoever, Coady, Saiss, Semedo; Moutinho, Dendoncker; Traore, Vitinha, Gibbs-White; Fabio Silva.

Substitutes: Ruddy, Ait-Nouri, Marcal, Neves, Willian Jose, Boly, Cundle, Kilman, Corbeanu.

Referee Martin Atkinson.


1.07 pm BST 13:07

team news

Tottenham Hotspur (@ SpursOfficial)

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May 16, 2021

Wolves (@ Wolves)

Here's how the Wolves line up against @SpursOfficial in this afternoon's @premierleague game. #TOTWOL


May 16, 2021

12: 38


It's already been a good weekend for the Spurs. West Ham's draw in Brighton last night means that a Europa League is back in their undoubtedly slick hands. If they win their last three games they qualify, eventually. A mixed bag of fixtures: Wolves at home today, Aston Villa at home on Wednesday and Leicester away next Sunday.

The apocalypse and gloom surrounding the Spurs in the past few weeks is making a pretty good nest form uncertain. They have won four of the last five games and have 15 goals and a chance to beat the Wolves today.

More than half of them have scored 15 Gareth Bale goals. In its second spell on Spurs, Bale has carved out a niche this week that could prove very useful, if not entirely virtuous. All nine of the Premier League goals were played at home by the teams in the lower half of the table. Wolves (12th and Villa (10th) are eligible for punishment.

Start 2.05 p.m.


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