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Werner can leave disappointment behind by starring in Chelsea & #39

T imo Werner scored 36 RB scored in his first year and a half at Leipzig, but humility prevailed when he was invited to evaluate his standard. “You have to play in really big teams to be top-notch,” he said in February 2018. “And then play in big matches like the final or semi-final of the Champions League.”

Saturday night comes to Porto the moment of a date, or at least that's the idea. Last week, Werner described his first campaign at Chelsea as "the most unfortunate season I have lived and will have", but the line between misfortune and the place between the stars is thin enough to disappear. All he can get is a 13 strike since his arrival last June: should he decide in Chelsea's favor on the biggest game of his career?

Chelsea costs Werner's £ 47 for 5 min. Release clause in Leipzig? Perhaps waiting for what happens next. Werner spoke with disarming honesty about his struggles ahead of the castle, 31 games in the two most arduous rounds, but his willingness to do so is full of experience. It's not hard to find moments in his career where light and shadow follow each other. The common theme is the style that Werner has always picked up.

Until April, the season after Werner's record-breaking arrival on the Bundesliga stage, the five-month goal-shy goal Stuttgarter Zeitung “does not come out in one development”; this was followed by summer suggestions, 19, living in her parents' home with her family was preventing her. A year later, after a better mid-season run for the otherwise bleak and relegated Stuttgart, it all shook and was rising on the road to Leipzig.

indecision remained. Werner soon became a scorer in Saxony, but scored only twice in more than three matches, and droughts of four or five matches were not uncommon. He scored 21 brackets and three hat-tricks for Leipzig, goals for them; the other came with 44 120 views.

Comfort for the audience lay in knowing that Werner's form would be much when he inevitably returned. like style of play: explosive and often most effective in short, irresistible bursts.

The general point is that Werner generally tends to be good, even if it is difficult at times. guess how or when. and the fact that he made nearly 350 senior career outlooks against it.

timo werner reacts during chelsea & #039; s win over leicester
Werner had a frustrating first season at Chelsea. Photo: Catherine Ivill / EPA

Werner's only true anticlimax was awarded to Russia before this year 2018 Germany failed after winning the Confederations Cup gold boat a year ago, the obvious gap in their success is a resounding contribution to one of the majos. r global stages. “I'm still flying a little bit under the radar and I can really only win,” he said in an interview with Die Welt three years ago, when asked if he could top the World Cup leaderboards. It was probably wishful thinking, but when it runs into Manchester City there is no chance of escaping scrutiny.

Much of his early work at Chelsea actually opposed the inspection. Brilliant sparkles of memory: the clean shot from its target in the Spurs; An electric comeback that passed Jan Bednarek against Southampton and brought an exciting first Premier League goal.

The once familiar finish that unfolded at Burnley in October was something else; The first strike at West Ham was due to his own strong hold game and was probably the highlight of Chelsea's best season, even if he swelled up a keeper later. When he nodded in a rebound against Real Madrid, the goal looked simple but it kept them fair for the final.

While the conversion rate is third-lowest in the highest flight, the more educational statistic is that they hit double figures for goals and assists in all competitions, compared to their teammates – 19. All revealing a confusingly different-looking picture from every angle.

“When I was physically down, I used to run up the mountains with my dad to get my legs back on track,” Werner said early in his Stuttgart career. It partially explains his scorching pace but perhaps a factor behind his reluctance to hide.

If his early life at Chelsea seemed like a tough challenge at times, he now has a bright top. within sight.

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